What Are Vestibular Disorders?

Vestibular disorders include dizziness, balance issues, migraines, Menière's disease, and more. Until they are properly identified and treated, they can be debilitating to live with, but diagnosing them properly is difficult.

We profile the vestibular system deeply, quickly, and comfortably in just a few minutes. That way, patients and doctors know exactly what is wrong and what to do.

Sight And Balance

The vestibular system controls how we stay balanced, but it also provides critical information to your eyes and head to help you view the world. We examine the behaviour of the eyes and head using a simple test in VR, and then map those responses back to understand exactly what’s causing symptoms. The test is non-invasive and takes only 3 minutes, so patients stay comfortable.

Why Choose NeuroFlex®?

Complete Analysis in Minutes
Testing vestibular patients can take over 90 minutes. With NeuroFlex®, you get key metrics on nystagmus, saccades, slow & fast phase tracking, and more in only 10-15 minutes.

This greatly increases patient throughput, making patients happier and increasing your clinic’s revenue.

Accuracy You Can Rely On
Our breakthrough algorithms allow us to interpret eye and head movements more accurately than ever before.

With a clear picture of brain function, you can avoid expensive imaging tests or invasive procedures.

Previously Unavailable, Advanced Metrics
Not only can NeuroFlex® improve the quality and performance on the metrics you already use, it can provide novel metrics based on physiologically-relevant models that aren’t available from other software packages. This helps to ensure test-retest reliability.

These can help you unlock the true value of eye and head movement data unlike ever before.

Based on Scientific Expertise

NeuroFlex® is the product of over 60 years of experience in eye and head movement analysis. Mimi Galiana, our Chief Scientific Officer, is a leading expert in the field, with over 200 publications on the subject in top peer-reviewed journals.

When you go with NeuroFlex®, you know you’re backed by expertise.

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