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Leverage eye-tracking in virtual reality to deliver better care for concussions and vestibular disorders. Make objective assessments based on scientifically-validated metrics in just minutes. Provide interactive rehab targeted to each patient’s needs.

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NeuroFlex® Testing consists of 8 minutes of testing in virtual reality, during which the patient’s eye and head movements are recorded performing simple tasks, each focused on a set of specific neurological functions. Within seconds, our secure cloud platform analyzes the patient’s data and generates a quantitative, metrics-based report.

NeuroFlex® Training provides over 20 interactive rehabilitation exercises that target the same functions tested and displayed in the report. With both, you can more accurately assess patients and provide them with targeted rehabilitation, so they recover faster.

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Brain Health
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NeuroFlex is used across Canada to support clinics and teams facing a variety of brain-related issues. Some common applications include concussions, vestibular dysfunction, and neurological issues. To learn more about how our clients are helping their patients, click one of the links to the right, or read the testimonials below.


Support diagnosis and track recovery with objective, scientifically-validated metrics.


Increase patient throughput dramatically and improve the patient experience.


Evaluate brain function objectively to target and track treatment.

"We have been looking for this type of technology for a while and were so excited to be introduced to it. The clinicians find the unit easy to use and are thrilled to add it to their concussion management system and neurological recovery programs. The quantitative data and report that is produced post test is an excellent tool to educate, justify and reinforce necessary changes that a patient requires as part of their recovery process. "

John Sage R.Kin, CAT(C), D.O.M.P.Apple Creek Sports Medicine Centre, Markham, Ontario

I would like to thank Saccade Analytics for saving my sports career. It allowed me to identify my injury which I was refusing to admit to. Furthermore, with the help of Saccade Analytics, I was able to correct my vision and recover from my concussion. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had access to the device and wish that everyone who suffers from head injuries will have the chance as well.

Daniel Chosack BarkayJudo Junior World Championship Team 2019 (73kg)

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Saccade Analytics began in 2016 with Dr. Mimi Galiana, whose research at McGill University led the field of eye and head movement analysis for over 30 years. She came to understand that although her work had tremendous potential, much more was needed before it would help patients. Since then, we have grown under the mission to improve the standard of neurological care by translating advanced research into accessible tools.

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